Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 17

Well, it really hasn't been too exciting this week. I have mostly been resting and doing some housekeeping type stuff preparing for the next two months. One thing that I wanted to try to do was find some beer that wasn't German. I have said this a few times already, but I love German beer, it's just that I need variety. I am a big fan of Belgian beers, so I did a bunch of research on where I can buy different beers while in Munch.

 In the end I didn't do too badly. Some aren't my favorites by any means, and some (Orval) are pretty high up on my list. I had to go to four different places all throughout the city, but it was fun to be on the hunt and go explore new parts of Munich that I have not seen yet.

I spent a bit of time watching different football (soccer) matches and hanging out with some of my classmates this week. Sunday we went to the English Gardens, and played two hours of football (soccer). It was a lot of fun, even for those of us who are really out of shape. It sounds like it is going to become a weekly thing, which will be fun.
Next week should start to get pretty busy as school begins again. I am really looking forward to whatever is next for me.

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