Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 15

Another week has come and gone. Sadly on Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Jen. I had a lot of fun traveling around with her, even if I did get grumpy at times. Now I just have to wait another two more months until I see her again.
I spent the next few days hanging out with my friend Karl, who had come down from Sweden. We were waiting for my brother and my friend Ben to fly in from the states. They were flying stand-by which turned out to be a sort of cheap disaster. They were supposed to get in on Tuesday but didn't end up arriving until Thursday morning, with out their luggage of course. Karl and I spent the majority of the time walking around Munich and hanging out in the Englisher Garden enjoying the weather and waiting for them.
On Friday I took the guys up to the Olympic Park and we laid around even more. I was happy to have some time to relax after all the traveling from the previous weeks, and I was also happy there was a place that had the Ayinger Jahrhundert Bier on tap, which is a beer celebrating 100 years for the brewery.

Ayinger Jahrhundert Bier
 On Saturday we took the train to Herrshing and hiked up the hill to Kloister Andechs. This was a real treat for the guys. It was their first taste of a true Bavarian experience. One thing I found disturbing was the vomit basins in the bathrooms, but I guess they felt the need to install them. We had a few liters then headed home (without puking).


Sunday was another Englisher Garden day, and nice Indian food for dinner. Not the most exciting week, but relaxing for me. Next week should be fun with a trip to Prague and Pilsen as well as fishing in Austria with an old friend. More to come................

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