Friday, December 24, 2010

The Begining!!!

I am writing this blog to chart my way through brewing school and into a new career as well as to share my passion about beer . In May of this year I applied to the Siebel Institute for the 20 week Master Brewer course but the dates I chose were full. I was put onto the waiting list....well someone canceled a few days ago and now I am on my way. My job that I have worked at for 9 1/2 years gave me a 6 month leave of absence, which will be nice so I will at least have something to come back to while I am looking for a brewing job. I am currently trying to book the flight and get housing for my Chicago leg of the schooling. Being that I leave in February and it's Chicago, I am trying to get something close to the school. The next six weeks are going to be pretty busy. I am pretty giddy though. This is one of those life changing experiences that don't come around too often.
I will begin in February with 7 weeks in Chicago at the Siebel institute. Next it is on to Munich where we will get a more hands on experience for 3 weeks at the Doemens Acadamy .After that we get on a bus and do a 2 week brewery/industry tour.
At this point there is about a month (May) where I will have no school, and an apartment in Munich. My girlfriend Jen is planning on flying over to visit and we will do some traveling for a few weeks.
Starting back up in June, I will return to Doemens for the real meat of the program and a lot more advanced study with the program wrapping up at the end of July.
It is my attempt to keep track of as much as possible here to share my experience. I am pretty excited and nervous at this point but that's how most truly epic journeys begin. I'm sure the theme may change in the blog as I get more familier with it, this is all pretty new to me. Stay tuned...............


  1. Hell yeah man, that's great news! I'll be sure to keep up with the blog.

    Our Baltic Porter is done bubbling, And I'm curious what's going on in there (as in, did it ferment out enough!?) We should rack it soon, I was thinking into secondary carboys for aging. Or kegs.

    Talk to you soon, happy holidays!

  2. I will call you Dr. Beer and be quite proud.